Biosolids Management Services

SEA has a broad range of experience in the management of biosolids from wastewater treatment plants and residual sludges from water treatment and industrial waste treatment facilities. We have over 25 years experience in the all facets of solids management including both the processing and the ultimate disposal of biosolids and other sludges generated at these facilities.

SEA staff is familiar with all of the requirements set forth by both USEPA and the various state regulatory agencies. We have assisted clients in coordinating solids disposal at landfills along with other disposal avenues such as land application, incineration, and reuse.

Typical engineering services may include:

Development of a Biosolids or Residual Sludge Management Plan

Preparation of an application for land application of biosolids

Review of the operation of biosolid unit processes at a wastewater treatment facility

Preparation of Annual Part 503 Reports as required by USEPA

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