NPDES Permitting Assistance

SEA has a broad range of experience in assisting both industrial and municipal clients in obtaining NPDES permits for their treated wastewater discharges. We have over 25 years experience in the all facets of the NPDES permitting process including:

Data Acquisition and Review

Filing NPDES Permit Application

Review of Draft NPDES Permit

Assistance with Appeal of NPDES Permit Conditions

SEA can assist with all phases of the permitting process from start to finish. We have assisted may clients throughout the years in obtaining fair and reasonable NPDES permits.

Data Acquisition and Review - SEA can review all data requirements necessary for completion of the NPDES permit application. If required, SEA will assist the client in developing a sampling plan to obtain the required data. We will also review the data to screen for any potential problems that may arise throughout the permitting process.

Filing NPDES Permit Application - SEA will assist the client in completing the application forms for the NPDES permit. This assist can include preparation of all necessary diagrams and other graphics required as part of the application package.

Review of Draft NPDES Permit
- SEA will review the draft permit issued by the regulatory agency to determine if existing facilities can comply with the terms and conditions of the draft permit. Typical areas to be reviewed include:

Proposed Effluent Standards

Standard Compliance Conditions

Special Compliance Conditions

Compliance Schedules

SEA would assist in providing clients with review comments for submission to the regulatory agencies.

Assistance with Appeal of NPDES Permit Conditions - SEA can assist clients and their respective legal representatives with engineering services associated with appealing conditions contained in NPDES permits. This appeal work is normally completed upon within 30 days of receipt of a new NPDES permit from the regulatory agencies. SEA can assist in preparation of appeal documents, developing scientific and engineering facts to support the clients appeal arguments, and provide expert testimony in any appeal action.

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