Legal Assistance

SEA has a broad range of experience in the providing assistance to attorneys in various types of legal proceedings. Our 30 years of experience in the water and wastewater field provides us with a vast background to provide expert opinions in a wide range of topics.

Typical examples of past work include:

Expert testimony regarding operation of wastewater treatment facilities

Expert testimony regarding the operation of water treatment plants

Expert testimony regarding water quality and wastewater treatment plant issues

Expert testimony regarding imposition of sewer connection moratoriums

Expert testimony regarding preparation of annual reports as required by the Sate Regulatory agencies

Assistance with preparation of documents required for appeal of NPDES wastewater permit effluent standards

Assistance with preparation of documents required for appeal of Consent Orders filed by Federal and state Regulatory agencies

Assistance with preparation of Consent Order documents associated with settlement of legal actions

Assistance with third party citizen actions as authorized under USEPA regulations

We can provide assistance in the following areas:

Preparation of Legal Documents - SEA can assist attorneys in the preparation of legal documents such as Consent Orders, Notice of Appeal, and other legal proceedings. We can provide the technical engineering expertise required to assure that all engineering and other technical issues are addressed properly in any legal proceeding.

Preparation of Expert Reports - SEA can assist attorneys through the preparation of expert reports. Our years of experience in the water and wastewater field allows us to analyze any situation and present the facts in a precise and concise manner.

Provide Expert Testimony - SEA has experience in providing both expert testimony and depositions regarding water and wastewater issues.

Provide Ongoing Support Services
- SEA can provide ongoing technical support in legal actions by assisting attorneys in reviewing information provided as part of any legal proceeding. This review work would assist attorneys in assessing compliance of terms or other requirements associated with a settlement agreement or other legal proceeding. Also, this technical support can be used to assist in the assessment of the technical merits of any legal proceeding.

In all cases, we will provide quality professional engineering services in the completion of our assigned tasks.

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