Infiltration/ Inflow Studies

SEA has a broad range of experience with infiltration/ inflow analysis in sanitary sewer systems. We understand that excessive infiltration/ inflow contributions can utilize treatment system capacity in both collection systems and wastewater treatment facilities and ultimately limit new growth in an area due to limited available sewage capacity. Also, infiltration/ inflow contributions utilize treatment system capacity that otherwise can be used by new system users who generate additional revenues for the wastewater treatment system.

SEA has over 25 years experience in dealing with infiltration/ inflow issues. We have experience in performing infiltration inflow analyzes that range from simple "table-top" review of wastewater treatment plant records to studies involving complex flow monitoring sites. As as result of our studies, we can provide our clients with recommendations as to methods for reducing or eliminating infiltration/ inflow contributions.

Typical engineering services include:

Field Survey - SEA can assist client personnel in conducting field surveys to determine condition of existing sewer systems and location of possible sources of infiltration and inflow. This type of work is usually a preliminary assessment to determine if additional detailed study is required.

Flow Metering Program - SEA can assist a client in performing monitoring of sewage flows through the sewage collection system. SEA can coordinate rental of this equipment. We can also assist is installation and operation of the metering equipment.

Flow Meter Data Analysis - SEA can assist in retrieving the data obtained from a flow monitoring program and refine it into an easily understandable format. This data can then be used as input into a detailed infiltration/ inflow analysis.

Infiltration/ Inflow Analysis - SEA can utilize available flow monitoring data to complete an analysis of infiltration/ inflow contributions in a sewage collection system. As part of this work, SEA would develop a written report outlining the results of our analysis.

Detailed Inspection Assistance - SEA can assist the community in developing a detailed sewer inspection program. This inspection program could consist of the following elements:

Television Inspection

Manhole Inspection

House Inspection

SEA would prepare specifications and other program documents to assist the client in completing this work.

Development of Rehabilitation Program - SEA can assist communities in reduction of infiltration /inflow by developing comprehensive sewer rehabilitation programs. Rehabilitation programs target specific areas of the collection system to remove the most infiltration/ inflow contributions for the least capital investment. Solutions applied in the past include:

Slip-lining of existing sanitary sewer pipe

Rehabilitation of manholes

Replacement of selected sewer segments

The program can be developed for implementation by either municipal staff or a private contractor.

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